Virtual CTO – Preventing Cyber Crime

Virtual CTO – Preventing Cyber Crime

Protection against cyber attacks and crime should be on your priority list

With the advent of technology, there has been a lot of change the way businesses are now conducted. With almost everyone having access to the internet, people are connected to each other in more than one ways. There is a tremendous amount of data on the net for everyone to use. However, due to the sheer amount and value of the data available, there are those who tend to use this data for felonious purposes. This has led to a surge in cybercrime across all domains.

Role of a Virtual CTO

A virtual CTO will help the organization to build the tech. space of the companies in such a way that the risk of cyber threat becomes somewhat less. There are several steps which a virtual CTO will help the organization to take, so that there is minimum risk in case of a cyber crime. Some of the steps that the virtual CTO might take in order to nullify the threat of cybercrime are as follows;

What an ideal virtual CTO might do to make the technological assets more secure?

It is important for the virtual CTO to set up strong security policies, especially when it comes to identity and access management. This can be done by offering a centralized security interface for all the components which will have all the appropriate rights and permissions. Centralization is also an important factor in order to secure the technological assets.

A virtual CTO might also dig deep into event logs in order to find the origin where the data was first compromised or any other security breach.

It is very important that the virtual CTO has a good strategy in place so that in case there is a cyber attack, the loss is minimum.  Another reason why any organization should have a virtual CTO is because it is extremely important to have a view from outside, as the virtual CTO might be able to see certain chinks in the armour that an in house employee might fail to notice.

What the companies should do?

A number of CTOs and virtual CTOs have talked about the fact that the technology is most vulnerable when the software is not updated or the patch has not been fixed. This often happens because organizations don’t deem it necessary to upgrade the technology as it costs more. Companies’ on their part should regularly update the software and fix the patches. This might cost, but it is nothing compared to the loss when there is a security breach as the software or systems are not upgraded.

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