Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Understanding Digital Twins

Digital twin technology will have a big impact on how business decisions are made, let us have a look ‘How’!

The next big thing in technology is Digital Twin. Although it has been around for some time now, it is only recently as 2017 that it came into the limelight. In 2017 Gartner Inc. named it as one the top 10 strategic technology trends.

Digital Twin is the amalgamation of physical and virtual worlds, where a product gets a dynamic digital representation.

What is Digital Twin?

Still confused as to what Digital Twin means? Digital Twin is basically a digital representation of the physical object. Over the years the technology behind digital twin has expanded manifold and now it also includes large entities such as factories, buildings and in some cases even cities. The basic essence of digital twin lies in the fact that it is primarily a computer programme which gathers real-world data about an object or systems as inputs. Then later on it produces outputs as predictions or simulations on how the physical object will react to the inputs. This is what basically digital twin means.

Key components of digital twin are Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

How Digital Twin works?

Digital Twins are the virtual counterparts of the physical assets.  They are created as digitalized copies of machines/equipment or physical sites using sensors. One of the advantages of digital twin is that these digital assets can be created well before the physical assets are built. In order to create a digital twin, engineers collect and combine data from various resources. This data includes physical data, manufacturing data, operational data and various insights from a number of resources. The continuous flow of data helps to obtain the best possible analysis and insights pertaining to a particular asset. This helps in getting the best business outcome.

Sectors using Digital Twins

There are various sectors that are using digital twins for their business purposes. Some of the main sectors using digital twin technology are as follows –

Manufacturing – In the manufacturing sector, digital twin is abound. This particular sector has gone the farthest when it comes to using digital twin technology. Factories are already using digital twins to stimulate their various processes.

Automobile Sector – When it comes to the auto sector and digital twin, it is as if both were meant for each other. Digital twin technology has a strong foothold in this sector as automobiles these days have already sensors which aid in bringing out the best and refining.

Healthcare – The healthcare sector is another area where digital twin technology is doing wonders. In some countries, there is a digital twin of people who is sending information to healthcare services. Micro-sized sensors are sending all the health information of the person, which further helps in the well-being of that person.

The digital twin revolution has come, and companies are increasingly adapting their systems according to it, which is resulting in a better understanding of the customers, high business growth and many other things.

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