Top users of Angular JS

Top users of Angular JS

Top Websites and Apps using Angular JS

With popular websites and application based on Angular JS, it is high time your business app should also be on Angular JS.    

Angular JS is one of the best frameworks for creating single page webpages and applications. Angular JS is one of those frameworks which is being actively supported by Google. It has a lot to offer as far as enterprising web apps are concerned. There is also not much dependency on any other framework or a plug-in, this results in it being self-sufficient.

These days an increasing number of developers are opting for Angular JS as their key framework. They are also building the next generation apps through Angular JS. Here we are going to bring you some of the most popular apps based on Angular JS.

Gmail: Tech giant Google is known to produce high-quality products and one of its most famous products is its email application – Gmail. Gmail has been breaking all barriers with its secure and less error-free usage. The latest version of Gmail deals with a one-page application which is built on Angular JS and other JavaScript Framework. The developers had created three separate native apps which can fit into the target platforms such as Android, the web and IoS.

Walmart: With over 11,500 stores across 28 countries, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. Bringing additional value to the customer experience, the Walmart app was developed on Angular JS. The clean and user-friendly app has enhanced its customer experience and business tremendously.

: With over 11 million subscribers, Netflix is the world’s largest internet media streaming service. It uses Angular JS in its tool for analyzing and supervising the security of Amazon Web Service. It also focuses on data representation with the help of Angular Dart.

The New York Times: The American Daily is one of the most popular broadsheets across the world. The web application of The New York Times was developed on Angular JS. Angular JS is mainly used to create a data-heavy API and leveraging the new data visualization.

Vevo: Vevo is one of the world’s leading music website and has over 150 thousand video clips which extended to around 200 countries. This is done through a partnership with YouTube. Vevo is Angular JS’s big project which aims to create a unique frontend which leads to a more impressive website.

PayPal: Paypal is another leading internet company with online payment systems available in 203 countries with 26 currencies. PayPal is based on Angular JS and some of its most popular features are; the sidebar, the payment review page, adding the credit card page was developed using Angular JS. The parent page of the company was also developed by Angular JS.

Some of the other popular websites and applications that are based on Angular JS are the following:

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