Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces

Smart spaces have changed the world we live in, and now they are changing the way we function.

In recent months there has been increasing talk of smart spaces and how it is impacting the world in which we are living, working and doing everything. The concept of smart space is changing the dynamics of our daily lives and how we are living.

Before we delve further into the topic, we need to know what exactly a smart space is.

What is Smart Space?

If we go by the literal meaning, a smart space can be a physical or a digital environment in which there is an increased interaction in an increasingly open, connected and coordinated and a smart ecosystem. There are several elements that come together to produce immersive, interactive and automated experience for a specific target audience in various industry scenarios.

Examples where smart spaces are currently in use

Smart Office: One of the most common types of smart spaces which people might encounter are smart offices. These days work is increasingly done on digital devices. The cloud service has taken this to a whole new level. Use of smart space technology in offices has started to provide a seamless experience not only to the workers, but also the customers.

Hospitals: Health sector is another industry where smart spaces are making inroads and making a difference. There are hospitals which are now fully automated as far as getting the resources is concerned. There are various forms of interaction devices that allow the hospital staff to immediately order prescriptions, transfer medical records, and history. Smart space in a hospital even allows the medical staff to remotely monitor the patient.

Airports: An airport is another area where smart spaces can be used to get the optimum result. These days some of the airports have started to use facial recognition software for faster check-ins, self-service drops, integrated messaging services that allow the passengers to check on their flights throughout their stay at the airport.

Smart technology at homes: The time has come that our homes are becoming smarter. With the advent of smart technology, one place which has seen a huge change in our homes.  We now have smart home systems, which have changed the way we work today. We have apps for cleaning and getting items delivered to our doorstep. Most of the appliances are connected to wifi, which we can now access remotely. Life has become easier since the advent of smart spaces, especially at homes.

Smart spaces, smart cars, and smart technology; all are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Smart desks and walls are being introduced in the offices where people are now relying on their digital assistants to take care of certain functions. The future of smart spaces is clear, smart technology in the form of smart offices and smart spaces will become a regular part of our work life.

In our next blog read about the future of smart spaces.

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