Role of a Virtual CTO

Role of a Virtual CTO

A virtual CTO brings more to the table than one can imagine

A virtual CTO can be an important part or a factor when a company is growing. These days with most of the processes going digital, it is important that a company has a virtual CTO. It is the job of the virtual CTO to evaluate the latest technologies and decide which ones fit the best in the company’s scheme of things.

Role of a CTO

It is the responsibility of the virtual CTO that the company in sync with all the latest technologies. Any virtual CTO will have a plan on how to use these technologies so that the company benefits the most out of it. This plan is presented and discussed with both the management as well as the developers to chalk out a path where the company gains the maximum out of it.

Implementation of the plan with the help of a Virtual CTO

It is usually seen that during the implementation of the project, what is said in the beginning and what is shown, once the project is completed are two different things. This happens due to poor implementation. Usually, in such cases, there is no outside feedback. A virtual CTO provides this outside opinion, which is very important for the project. The management might not be able to see certain short-comings of the project, but a virtual CTO will be able to see and improve on these shortcomings. A virtual CTO might give his or her thumbs up to the project (which will give more confidence to the company before launching the project) or challenge the project from outside. If the company takes this challenge in a positive way, then the project can be improved further.
Another advantage of a virtual CTO is that he or she is only concerned with the requirements of the project, there is no politics involved. A virtual CTO will always keep the needs and wants of the project first, before anything else. This particular aspect of the role of a virtual CTO is beneficial.

Few other important roles and responsibilities of a virtual CTO

Understanding consumer’s needs: In the tech. world, customer feedback is very important which helps in the further development of the product. A competent virtual CTO will always try to include customer feedback into product strategy and development as this is very important for maintaining as well as growing the user base.

Securing the cyberspace

Cyber attacks are a cause for concern these days; the significance of cyber security cannot be and should not be undervalued. Cyber threats are increasingly becoming a worry for every company. Companies should take these threats seriously and designate their virtual CTOs, as they have a good understanding of the data architecture, risk management, and digital intelligence. This helps them to prevent cyber attacks or be fully prepared if they take place.

Future of Virtual CTOs

Even though the capacity in which the virtual CTOs work these days is more in the form of a consultant, in the future a virtual CTO will definitely become an important position. Having a strategic-minded technologist at senior executive level meetings will be highly important. As a number of business operations have started depending on internal networks, third-party software platforms, and hardware infrastructure, the strategies must be in tune with what the companies want. Having a virtual CTO will ensure compatibility technical and non-technical aspects.

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