Understanding Java Spring Boot

With a number of businesses and developers opting for Java Spring Boot, let us have a look at what it actually is?

What is Java Spring Boot?

With the significant development in the world of technology, Java Spring Boot is a popular framework which helps in the development of applications. Talking about the technical aspects of Java Spring Boot, it is an open source framework. Since it is an open source framework, one of the primary features of Java Spring Boot is not to impose any particular programming model, due to this feature it is often considered as a replacement for Enterprise JavaBeans Model.

What Java Spring Boot does is that it completely removes the complexity of application development start-up and execution process. Java Spring Boot helps in developing object oriented source code that is production-grade and good to scale as the load increases. Java Spring Boot makes the process of configuring spring-based applications easier.

Objectives of Java spring Boot

Some of the objectives of Java Spring Boot are as follows:

Java Spring Boot offers a faster and globally accessible “Getting Started” experience for a greater number of spring applications.

Java Spring Boot also provides a multitude of non-functional features that are standard for a number of large projects

Java Spring Boot also aims at providing a faster and widely accepted “getting started” experience.

It also aims at providing a multitude of non-functional features which are common to a number of large projects.

Benefits of Java Spring Boot?

Developing applications with the help of Java Spring Boot has a number of advantages, some of which are listed below:

Java Spring Boot makes it easier to develop Spring Based applications with Java. The “Opinionated Defaults Configuration”, reduces the developer’s approach.

Java Spring Boot enhances productivity and reduces development time significantly as it minimizes multiple boilerplate codes, XML configuration, and annotation.

Integration with the Spring ecosystem which includes Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring Security, Spring Data, and many other things.

Testing web application is easier with the aid of separate Embedded HTTP servers which include Tomcat and Jetty among others.

Why Choose Java Spring Boot?

We are going to list a few primary reasons why you should opt for Java Spring Boot:

  1. Java Spring Boot presents uncomplicated dependency management to the starter projects as compared to CRUD web application
  2. Java Spring Boot presents uncomplicated dependency management to the starter projects as compared to CRUD web application
  3. Java Spring Boot offers quick standalone mode for autoconfiguration
  4. Java Spring Boot offers extremely opinionated as well as a tested set of dependencies that work effortlessly with the Spring Ecosystem for various projects.
  5. With Java Spring Boot process and development are simplified, with strong support for Security, Data, Social, etc. it is perfect for your application.
  6. Remote usability of Spring Boot is another positive. As Java Spring Boot is oriented with the concept of microservices, it can run from anywhere. This happens due to the nature of Spring Boot; small footprint, standalone services, easier to launch form a container, easy to configure and deploy completely from a script.


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