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An open source framework which is maintained by Google, Angular JS is a popular framework among the developing community. It brings together HTML codes and application modules, that forms a framework.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a systematic framework which can be extremely helpful when it comes to using single Page HTML for declaring dynamic views in web-apps. Speaking in simple terms, Angular JS extends HTML’s syntax so that the app’s components can be expressed clearly and accurately.

Why you should use Angular JS?

Angular JS is apt for those businesses which are looking at a quick turnaround time. Producing new web-based applications with Angular JS is relatively easy and less effort is required to build a web app. The dependency injection and data binding are features which ensures that a large part of the code which was supposed to be written is either eliminated or it is automated. This saves a lot of time and is a huge advantage.

Benefits of Angular JS

Angular JS has many advantages some of which are listed below:

Uncomplicated Architecture: One of the primary reasons why Angular JS has become immensely popular among the developers these days is because of its simple architecture. Angular JS is regarded as simpler architecture design, which is in use these days. For developers, it is easy to understand. Catch up and strengthen any feature according to the requirements of the client.

Quick Turnaround Time: Since it is derived from HTML, developers don’t require much time to code the entire application. Coming out with new apps is quite easy with Angular JS. With just a few minor tweaks and a few additions, a simple app can be developed in a short amount of time.

Fewer codes lead to efficiency: Since fewer codes are required to be written, developers can spend that time on improving and making the application efficient. A more efficient application helps in giving better results for the business.

Reusability of the code: Since the same codes can be used from before, this helps the developers to save a lot of time and helps them focus on other aspects of the application.

Improved server performance: With the ability to support caching and several other processes, Angular JS helps to reduce the burden on the servers, significantly. This leads to servers performing extremely well, due to the reduced traffic. Reduction in traffic takes place due to the fact that it serves only static files and responds to API calls.

Apps that use Angular JS

Video Apps: Some of the most popular video streaming Apps, such as YouTube and Netflix use Angular JS.

Travel Apps: Because of its dynamic features, Angular JS is highly compatible with travel apps.

Other Apps where Angular JS is highly compatible are weather apps, eCommerce, User Review applications, User Generated Content Portals, and many others.

If you are looking to save time on app development and yet want a product which is of top quality, Angular JS is meant for you. If you are looking for a quick start, then Angular JS should be your go-to framework.


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